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I really hope I put this together correctly...
The Kickstarter is live and ... and .... and...  :)

Find it here :)

So... It starts.

I have some bad news, and some good news..... and a cry for help :)

First the bad news:
I am removing the corridor set from the store and it will no longer be available.


The good news: BPLASER will be running its first Kickstarter, involving, (of course),The Corridor Set, and a huge amount of add ons. (Extra rooms , Scenery, Furniture).

I am also hoping to add a spaceship corridor set into the mix, with specialised rooms, i.e. Bridge, Cargo holds, Shuttle bays etc.

Over the last 3 months we have been putting in an enormous amount of work, designing, prototyping and cutting the new products for the corridor set..


When does it start?
The plan is, to start the kick starter around the end of April, to coincide with Briscon2018, and run until the end of May.
I intend to have it fully funded at $3000, and add-ons will be themed rooms and accessories, as well as the individual Corridor pieces. Hopeful we will get some interest and then I will be cutting, cutting, cutting. :)


This has turned out to be an huge project ... So now I'm asking for all of your help in letting your friends, gaming groups and local gaming stores know that a multi genre corridor set is coming on Kickstarter at the end of April. This project can only be a success if people know about it.

If you have a favourite gaming podcast or web group, Let me know so I can let them know, or let them know yourselves... Any and all help is deeply appreciated. :)


I am posting pics of the new gear on the stores face book page :

Have a look there for updates.


I think that's about it?

Thanks all
Paul Lindsay.


Hi all,
Please contain your excitement...
No really ...
So I have added THE CRATE DEAL to the store,
If you love crates, this is the place to get some....

In the 28mm SCI-FI section you will find a selection of  modular Buildings with footpaths, that you can conceivably build to any height. As well as a selection of non modular buildings and accessories.

In the Steampunk section you will find a number of static buildings with various options, as well as the start of our modular steampunk range.

In the gallery section you can find some of our club terrain as well as our laser cut terrain that customers have painted up for their own use.

Please read our postage section for the postage rules.

If you have any questions about products, or postage, or just about anything, please contact us at

You can also find us at :


Paul & Rebecca