Welcome to the BPLASER Web store.

Hi All,
Just letting you know that I will be away from Wednesday the 19 of December, until the 3rd of January.

I will be sitting beside a pool in Cairns, drinking rum.
And probably getting rained on.

All orders received whilst I'm away will be processed as soon as I return.

Have a great Christmas, and I will see you next year. 

Hi All,
Beasts of war are doing a hobby challenge for SpaceHulk. They are doing it as a video log, and they are using the Corridor set that I sent them for the kickstarter.

The video log is paid content on their backstage pass area, but they currently have a 7 day free access if you sign up.

You can find their FB page HERE
And their webpage HERE

Well that was fun... kind of  :)
I have spent the morning adjusting the postage rules for Australia and International postage.
Thanks Aust post for your 3 monthly price adjustmants.

The news of course, is mixed...
For International post: Postage went up on lighter items, under 4 kilos... Sadness...
For heavier items, postage actually went down! In some cases by quite a lot.

For Australia, I have just given up keeping pace with the changes, :)
So under 250g is now $5, under 500g is now $9, under 3 kilos is $15,
And everything over 3 kilos will get posted for free.

Here Endith the News.

Hi all,
BPLASER will be attending MOAB in Sydney over the labour day long weekend.
Saturday the 29th, Sunday the 30th and Monday the 1st.
The stall is pretty much at the front door, you will have to walk past me as you enter. :)
So if you are attending MOAB, drop by and have a look at our range and say hi!
Linky to MOAB

Iwas asked to make some SW Legion terrain, ... I made a start :), and have a Bunker ready and available on the store.

Hi All, well the kickstarter is over bar the mad posting out of gear.
I would like to thank everyone who supported the project, and let everyone know that, Yes, it will make it onto the store in a couple of weeks,.... once I get organised :)

You can find a link to the KS page below.




Hi all,
Please contain your excitement...
No really ...
So I have added THE CRATE DEAL to the store,
If you love crates, this is the place to get some....

In the 28mm SCI-FI section you will find a selection of  modular Buildings with footpaths, that you can conceivably build to any height. As well as a selection of non modular buildings and accessories.

In the Steampunk section you will find a number of static buildings with various options, as well as the start of our modular steampunk range.

In the gallery section you can find some of our club terrain as well as our laser cut terrain that customers have painted up for their own use.

Please read our postage section for the postage rules.

If you have any questions about products, or postage, or just about anything, please contact us at

You can also find us at :


Paul & Rebecca