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I like building tables, and I was wondering if people would buy a complete table. :)
So this is a bit of an experiment.
I needed to make a new table for my club, So I designed this table to fit into a standard postage box.

Parts count: A lot.
Time to assemble: 5 to 8 hrs
Time to paint: Don't be silly, I don't paint these things... I have a Lackey.

Box contains:
2 x Engines
8 x Flatbed Trucks
6 x Medium containers
25 x Small containers
2 x Overpass sets
3 x Speciality buildings
2 x Sets vending machines
6 x Single phone booths
4 x Planter seats
6 x Stack planters
6 x Lightpoles
9 x 400mm x 250mm x 38mm Risers
6 x double Maglev tracks

You will need to place the table components onto a 1200mm x 1200mm board,(ie 4' x4'), I suggest 9mm or 12 mm thickness.

This item will receive free postage within Australia, and discounted overseas postage.

All products are provided unpainted and un-assembled.
Miniatures and Trees are not included and are for scale purposes only.

Box weighs  11.5 Kilos

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4 product stars
Stunning! - Søren Mortensen - 30/05/2017
This table looks absolutely amazing, and to answer your Question: Yes, I would definitely buy this table! Except i live in Denmark, and the cost of Postage, taxes and duties will more than double the price... :-(

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